Troy Fire Department helps fulfill wish for boy with rare diseases

Parker Schueller receives swim spa from Make-A-Wish


TROY, Mich. – The Troy Fire Department helped the Make-A-Wish Foundation fulfill a wish for a boy who was need of an exercise regimen to help him stay healthy.

Parker Schueller was born with several rare diseases that severely restrict his mobility, officials said, and he uses a wheelchair. With his motor disabilities, it's hard for Parker to exercise.

To help, the Make-A-Wish Foundation donated a swim spa to the Schueller family. The swim spa is expected to help Parker be active in a relatively painless, unrestricted environment, Troy police said.

But the problem for Make-A-Wish was how to fill the swim spa.

Make-A-Wish asked the Troy Fire Department for help, and it went to the Schueller home with a fire engine and a crew. The crew connected hoses to a hydrant and filled the 1,700-gallon swim spa.

"The swim spa will provide Parker with the needed physical therapy in a weightless environment," Parker's mom said. "But more importantly, it will give him a break from the daily toll that these diseases take upon his small, frail body."

Troy firefighters said they appreciated the chance to support Parker's family.

"We believe a strong community embraces diversity, promotes innovation and encourages collaboration," Troy Assistant Fire Chief Chuck Riesterer said. "We strive to lead by example within the region. We do this because we want everyone to choose Troy as their community for life. We believe in doing government the best."