Construction project has Farmington Hills families concerned with water quality

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – Homeowners in Farmington Hills claim a massive construction project has affected the quality of their drinking water.

The project, which began last summer, was only supposed to affect fewer than a dozen homes nearby.
Residents said more than 40 homeowners are relying on water being trucked in, and now their entire well has to be replaced.

The commissioner said the state mandated the sewer project to help with water overflow, but nearby residents said the new well is drying up every week.

Neighbors said they’re worrying about the quality of their water.

Water Resource commissioner Jim Nash said the county has replaced some wells, but a handful of them have permanently dried up because of the project.

Nash said crew will stop undergoing pumping by the end of the month, and this should stop new wells from drying up. As for the quality of the water, Nash said the county will be monitoring the water until the project is complete.

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