Davontae Sanford's stepfather killed in Detroit

Jermaine Tilmon shot early Wednesday morning, police say

Jermaine Tilmon
Jermaine Tilmon

DETROIT – The stepfather of a Detroit man who was wrongly convicted of four murders in 2007 was gunned down early this morning. 

Sources say Jermaine Tilmon, of Detroit, was shot in the head and groin at 3600 block of Chatsworth in Detroit. The shooting was reported around 4:15 a.m. Police continue to investigate. 

Sanford was released from prison in June after serving eight years for the murder of four people at a drug den in on Runyon Street in Detroit in 2007. He was 14 years old at the time of the so-called "Runyon Street killings,"
and pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. A judge sentenced him to a minimum of 39 years in prison.

Shortly after he went to prison, Sanford's case came under review when a professional hit man confessed to the Runynon Street murders. Lawyers took up Sanford's case and eventually secured his release.