Decision 2016: Straight Talk from the Candidates


In an effort to inform voters and arm them with the tools they need to make their choices at the polls, WDIV-Local 4 invited candidates in U.S. Congressional Races in our viewing area (Districts 7-14) to address viewers in a special half hour-long public service program, “Decision 2016: Straight Talk from the Candidates.” The program will air commercial-free on Sunday, November 6 at Noon.

The 7th District - Tim Walberg (R) vs. Gretchen D. Driskell (D)


The 8th District - Mike Bishop (R) vs. Suzanna Shkreli (D)

The 9th District - Christopher R. Morse (R) vs. Sander Levin (D)

The 10th District - Paul Mitchell (R) vs. Frank Accavitti Jr. (D)

The 11th District - Dave Trott (R) vs. Anil Kumar (D)

The 12th District - Jeff Jones (R) vs. Debbie Dingell (D)

The 13th District - Jeff Gorman (R) vs. John Conyers Jr. (D)

The 14th District - Howard Klausner (R) (Declined to Speak) vs. Brenda L. Lawrence (D)