Thieves target 2 Westland businesses, steal 300 pound sewer cleaner

WESTLAND, Mich. – Two Westland businesses were targeted by thieves last week, and the owners of the stores said thousands of dollars of equipment were stolen.

The break-ins happened Oct. 27 after midnight along south Wayne Road in Westland.

Surveillance footage shows a woman walking up to Pat’s Sewer Cleaning with a broom which she uses to push the security cameras out of focus. Three other men can also be seen with her.

"We noticed our van was emptied,” said Scott Reed of Pat’s Sewer Cleaning. “Three sewer machines, drills and all the saws were all taken out of the van."

The thieves made off with equipment that was not only expensive, but heavy. One of the sewer cleaning machines stolen weighed nearly 300 pounds.

"This is the 300 pounder," Reed said. "We are talking a $15,000 loss on that one van."

Westland police believe the same three men and woman are the same thieves who broke into a welding business down the street from Pat’s Sewer Cleaning.

Reed said he doesn’t believe the thieves knew what they were stealing when they broke into his business.
"I think they were out for whatever they could get." he said.

If you have any information on these crimes, contact Westland police.

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