Michigan Democrats sue GOP, Trump campaign over voter suppression

Just days before voters head to the polls, Michigan Democrats are suing the GOP and the Donald Trump campaign over voter suppression.

The Democratic Party filed the suit just five days before the election, and they're asking for a preliminary injunction against Republicans to prevent voter intimidation.

The Michigan Democratic Party claims that Donald Trump along with a main campaign adviser are getting Republican supporters to take pledges to descend upon polling places in certain areas where many minority voters live, in order to interfere with their efforts to vote.

"It's a frivolous, baseless, insulting and shameful, desperate attempt by a floundering campaign that can't win on the issues.” said Republican Party Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel.

The complaint is based on Trump's Twitter comments and Trump speech rhetoric as basis for their claim.

"The content is more insulting. The timing is insulting as well because they're trying to confuse voters before a very important election, but there is absolutely no merit what's being said." McDaniel said.

When Local 4 contacted the Democratic Party for comment on the lawsuit, we got no response.

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