Police: Man tried to drag girl into abandoned building as she walked to school

Woman walking behind girl stopped Detroit attack, police say

DETROIT – A 14-year-old Detroit girl was assaulted by a man while she was walking to school Wednesday, according to police.

Police said the man, who was driving in a white Dodge Ram, approached the teen and asked her if she would like to make some money.

When the teen denied his offer, the man gabbed the her, groped her, and attempted to drag her into an abandon building.

A woman who was walking her nieces to school saw the attack and scared the man off.

“She came to me crying and held my hand, shaking. I said what’s wrong? He asked her where she was going and I said ‘Where else is she going to go but school?,’" said Linda Russel, who saved the girl.  "And I cursed that man out and nobody was around.”

The attacker is described as a black man, who is in his mid 30s, weighs approximately 180 pounds and stands around 6 feet 1 inch tall. Detroit police released the sketch of the suspect:

The victim said the man sported a bushy mustache, and was wearing a dark navy baseball cap with plastic snaps.

A report was filed with the Detroit Police Department, but no information was released to the public.

Chief James Craig said DPD will launch an internal investigation into how the case was handled.

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