2 Glock handguns among items stolen as crime spikes in Fraser

Thieves sneak into homes while residents work in backyards

FRASER, Mich. – It's leaf raking and pickup time in Fraser, and while neighbors are getting all the leaves to the street, a thief is sneaking into homes.

A Fraser woman was outside Thursday when a detective from the Fraser Police Department came by to warn her about the crime. It has happened once in Fraser and five times in Warren.

Lt. Michael Pettyes said the thieves sneak in and out of homes while residents are in their backyards.

Fraser has seen a sudden spike in crime. A different burglar has pried open windows to four homes to get inside and, in one case, steal a semi-automatic Glock handgun.

There have been dozens of thefts from cars in the neighborhood behind Fraser High School. Police said they caught a 17-year-old from Eastpointe with so much change stuffed into his pockets that he couldn't run away.

Another Glock handgun was stolen from an open car.

"Lock your door," Pettyes said. "Keep your doors locked."

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