Michigan names make Trump shortlist

DETROIT – Plenty of Michigan names are in the mix for a spot in president-elect Donald Trump's administration. 

However, the purging of Mike Rogers, a former Michigan congressman who was widely considered to be on the shortlist for the CIA, was a pretty big shocker on Tuesday. 

Rogers is a Chris Christie supporter, which is exactly what Trump's team continues to remove. 

"It's a very simple decision. It's all about loyalty. Did you support me? Did you support me when I needed you to support me? Were you onboard very early?" said political consultant Dennis Darnoi. 

Rogers was all of those things, but also too much of a Christie fan. So now that he's seemingly out of the mix, the next potential Michigander for an administration post is former congressman and gubernatorial candidate Pete Hoekstra. 

"Looking from Michigan, he's probably going to be our contender for a good spot," said Darnoi. 

Hoekstra's strength strength is intelligence and national security.

Then there is Ronna Romney McDaniel, Michigan's chair of the state GOP and the niece of Mitt Romney. She is on the very short list to be the chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC). It's a big job and she would likely only be the second woman in the RNC's history for the chair position, it it's offered. 

"Ronna is a dynamo. Ronna gets along with everybody. She stays on task she stays on focus, and this has been a really tough election and she has been focused forward, eye on the prize, victory," said Jeff Sakwa, vice president of the Michigan GOP. 

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