Wayne County: Gratiot jail site construction can continue in 2017

County says assessment shows site is structurally sound

DETROIT – Wayne County announced Wednesday construction at the Gratiot Avenue jail site will restart in 2017. 

The county said a site condition assessment showed it is structurally sound and "suitable for restarting construction next year."

View: Structural Assessment of the Gratiot jail site

From the county: 

“The report is clear – the jail site is structurally sound. Construction can restart next year,” said Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans. “We are doing our due diligence to make the best possible decision for Wayne County and move this project forward. These results strengthen the case for completing the jail and will be included in the information we provide prospective bidders on the project.”

The findings revealed no structural damage to the steel, concrete and masonry work already completed onsite. The inspection also revealed no issues of cracking or leaking joints with the installed sanitary and storm sewer lines. The report did highlight some cosmetic issues such as discoloration and oxidation of exposed steel or hairline cracking in some concrete surfaces that were normal for concrete work. However, it affirmed the overall structural integrity of the site.

“The site is in very good condition for construction to start again. Our assessment revealed no structural concerns, which speaks to the quality of work,” said Francis J. Biehl, the senior project manager for MSG.

The field investigation covered the entire site, including the jail cell units installed onsite and those stored at an alternative location. MSG completed the assessment in five weeks from Oct. 5 to Nov. 4 before submitting a final report to the County on Nov. 16. The fee for this engagement was not to exceed $43,604 and the final cost is expected to be less than the contracted amount.

This condition assessment was the first such testing performed by the County on the site since the project was halted in June 2013. Under the previous administration, an estimated $151 million was spent in construction, acquisition and design of the jail with much of the work at the site completed underground.

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