Hillary Clinton victory gamble doesn't pay off for Ann Arbor entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs create Hillary Cilnton victory soap boxes

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Two entrepreneurs from Ann Arbor had a "Dewey defeats Truman" moment when Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election turned their new business venture on its ear.

But now, they're rolling with the punches.

Katy Lind and Nate Stevens consider themselves very nice people, but they just have one nasty business plan.

"We were talking to people saying we feel dirty after each debate," Lind said. "We just want to wash off and around that time, nasty woman was catching on."

That's when the idea hit them, and they created limited edition campaign soap boxes. Their friend did the artwork, and they found graphic designers through the internet.

"It was five days from when we had the idea to when it was in the printer's hands," Lind said.

One election and 500 soap boxes later, there was only one problem.

"We were going to do bipartisan boxes, but it was too close to election day, so we just went all-in on Hillary winning," Lind said.

The "Nasty Woman" soap box celebrates a Clinton victory, while the "Sad Hombre" soap box mocks a Trump defeat.

"We got it wrong, we admit it," Stevens said. "But a lot of other people got it wrong as well."

But it's not deterring the entrepreneurs. Now they see the boxes as ironic, and so do their customers, who visit nastysoap.com.

"We sold a bunch this morning," Stevens said.

Politics, like business, is unpredictable. But for the two Ann Arbor natives to have successfully taken an idea to fruition is success in their eyes. They have sold about 250 of the 500 boxes of soap.

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