Trump considering Ben Carson for cabinet as head of HUD

Donald Trump visits Ben Carson's childhood home in Southwest Detroit.
Donald Trump visits Ben Carson's childhood home in Southwest Detroit.

President-elect Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday that he's considering Dr. Ben Carson for his Cabinet. 

Trump said he's "seriously considering" Detroit-native Carson for secretary of Housing and Urban Development. "He's a greatly talented person who loves people!" Trump tweeted. 

Here's the tweet: 

Last week an aide to Carson said the doctor declined an offer to join Trump's cabinet as Secretary of Health and Human Services. 

Carson confidant Armstrong Williams said Nov. 15 the former neurosurgeon and top Trump surrogate will continue to advise Trump from outside the White House, but declined Trump's offer to join his administration as a cabinet-level official.

"He's never run an agency and it's a lot to ask. He's a neophyte and that's not his strength," Williams said, despite the fact that Carson vied for the Republican nomination to be the next president of the United States.

Carson had been rumored as a potential pick to head up the Department of Health and Human Services or the Department of Education.

Now it appears he's in the running for HUD. Fox News notes Carson has taken public stances on HUD issues, particularly when he felt the federal agency was infringing on local decisions. 

Donald Trump visits Dr. Ben Carson's home in Southwest Detroit

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