Thanksgiving travel: Heavy rain in Metro Detroit this afternoon

DETROIT – Here's the latest on traveling to and from Metro Detroit today: 

A massive storm system stretching into the Deep South is rolling into the region this afternoon. Fortunately, temperatures are warm enough to avoid snow, but expect heavy rain this afternoon and evening across Michigan. 

What's that mean for travel? Don't expect delays at DTW, but anyone traveling to or from Metro Detroit should expect slippery roads Wednesday afternoon and evening. Snow is possible as you drive north, though accumulation isn't expected to be much more than an inch. 

Watch Local 4cast Brandon Roux's noon forecast above, and check out ClickOnDetroit.com all day for weather updates that could effect your holiday travel. 

Thinking about America's Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit tomorrow? Rain should be finished, but expect chilly temps with highs in the low-40s. 

Air Travel Forecast 

A storm system stretching from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast will bring mainly rain, but a bit of snow is possible in the Upper Midwest to the western Great Lakes, according to CNN. Light to moderate delays are possible due to rain in Chicago, Memphis, and perhaps Houston. Light snow on the northern side of the storm could lead to delays in Minneapolis early in the day, with a rain/snow mix causing problems in Detroit by the afternoon and evening. A storm system exiting the northeast will have some lingering strong winds capable of producing delays in Boston and New York.

Regional Road Forecast

Rain will be pushing through the Midwest and into the Ohio Valley throughout the day, according to CNN. Look for wet roadways from Chicago to Indianapolis, as well as into Detroit by the afternoon and evening. Snow should remain fairly light, but will affect the roadways from Minnesota to Wisconsin and northern Michigan.