Fouts: Macomb County owed $90K for illegal dumping at Freedom Hill Landfill

Warren mayor says contractor owes county for 'free, illegal dumping'


WARREN, Mich. – Mayor Fouts released another statement Thursday afternoon to Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel about alleged corruption in the county.

[The full letter is available below]

Fouts said $90,000 is owed to Macomb County for illegal dumping that allegedly occurred at the Freedom Hill Landfill.

“Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel gave his approval for his favorite contractor to illegally dump at least 150,000 yards of road excavation at the Freedom Hill closed landfill without any required permits or approval. He did not have any written agreement with the contractor for the illegal dumping. He did not have any written agreement with the contractor for the illegal dumping. Consequently, the contractor did not pay the county or the SMDA for this cost-saving dumping. In other words, it was free dumping.”

In the letter, Fouts included a number of excerpts from a Corrective Action Plan for Freedom Hill Landfill.

Fouts sent an open letter to Hackel Wednesday, slamming him for not showing up to a televised debate and addressing statements made by Hackel last week.

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In a Facebook message posted Nov. 16, Fouts said a major environmental scandal was brewing in Macomb County and that it "could be a mini version of what happened in Flint." Hackel held a news conference the next day and rebuked Fouts for exploiting the tragedy that occurred in Flint.

Fouts also took to Facebook Thursday with unanswered questions about issue:

The more time goes on the more I'm convinced that there is more out there that needs to be examined regarding the...

Posted by Jim Fouts on Thursday, December 1, 2016