Troy police: Employee reports workplace assault at Haagen Dazs


Troy police are investigating reports of an employee at Haagen Dazs being assaulted by a fellow employee.

The Troy Police Department provided the following information:

Victim states while working, a 17 year old male fellow employee from Detroit, came up to her and began choking her by placing his hands onto her throat.  She states he held onto her throat for 5 to 7 seconds, squeezing hard enough for her to be unable to tell him to stop. 

The next day, when she was getting ready for work in the back room, another fellow employee, came up from behind her and put her into a choke hold.  The 29 year old male from Detroit held on for a short period of time and then let her go.  Later, while she was in the walk-in freezer, he walked in too and held the door shut so she couldn’t leave. 

He held the door closed for a minute before finally letting her out.  The victim states this abuse has been occurring at the business to her and other female employees.  The victim contacted the business manager and informed him of the incidents but she was told by him to let it go.  The victim has quit her job there and is interested in seeking criminal charges for Assault and Battery. 

The officer noted seeing a contusion under the victim’s left eye.  The victim does not recall how the injury occurred but believes it happened while she was working at the business. 

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