Woman discusses being attacked after car crash in Detroit

Driver arrested on suspicion of attacking Theresa Long


DETROIT – A woman who was attacked after getting into a car crash in Detroit talked about being punched while on the side of the street.

Theresa Long, 59, said the video only tells half the story of what took place Tuesday night on Detroit's west side. Long said the attack left her with pain in her head and elsewhere on her body.

Long said she was driving down Greenfield Road when she hit a car that ran a red light. The front end of her car was smashed and the air bags were deployed. She said she pulled into a parking lot, trying to get away from a woman who had tried to pull her out of the car in the intersection.

She said she didn't have time to react to the vicious attack, which was captured live by Local 4 cameras. Long said it was the second time the woman jumped her after the car crash.

"I'm sitting in the car getting my ID, (and) this girl comes up running and just started attacking me while I was in my car," Long said. "I kicked her off of me and I ran to the gas station and told them to call 911."

After police arrived, Long thought it was safe to get out of her car, but she was wrong.

"I was trying to talk to them, but it was not talking to them, they were cussing me out," Long said. "Saying, 'You're going to pay for this.' No, you're going to pay for this."

The investigation revealed the driver of the white Dodge tried crossing Greenfield and, in the process, slammed into Long's Toyota. The car is destroyed, leaving her with no way to get to work.

"My boss just offered me a full-time position," Long said. "I was working part time and I was so excited. I'm staying here with my daughter. I'm falling on hard times, and I thought this would be the pick-up to get myself back together."

Besides being without a car, the attack left Long in pain and fear. Police arrested the other woman, and Long hopes she stays locked up.

"Please, just think before you react, because you don't know what the outcome is going to be," Long said.

Long said she plans to press charges against the other driver, but her biggest concern is finding a way to get to work.

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