Man charged with fondling 2 women on Delta flight bound for Detroit


ROMULUS, Mich. – According to a criminal complaint file in federal court, 31-year-old Glenn Chase Dove has been charged with abusive sexual contact after he allegedly fondled two women on a Delta plane bound for Detroit.

The alleged crimes happened in July when Dove was flying from Mexico City to Detroit.  During the flight he licked a 17-year-old's knee that was seated next to him on on the plane.

Shortly after licking the teen, he allegedly fondled the teen multiple times.

It's alleged that the man then reached across the aisle to a 24-year-old woman and ran his hand up the outside of her leg.

Two other passengers seated in the same row witnessed the alleged activity and asked a flight attendant to move the teen, who was visibly distraught, to another seat on the plane.

As part of his bond, he must surrender his passport and is limited to traveling in the state of Ohio and to Michigan only for court purposes.

His next court date has yet to be set.