Woman with multiple DUIs sentenced for hitting state trooper, breaking 15 of his bones

Officer suffered 15 broken bones in incident

A woman driving without a license, which she lost due to previous drunk driving offenses, is now in prison for hitting an Illinois state trooper.

Video from David Parrish on Facebook shows the trooper being hit by an SUV while talking to the driver of a car pulled over on the side of the freeway.

Warning: The video above showing the incident is graphic. Anyone who is squeamish about these types of incidents shouldn't watch the video.

The SUV slammed into the trooper, throwing him over the pulled over car, and then kept driving in the right lane.

The incident goes back to 2014, but the 61-year-old driver, who was drunk at the time, was sentenced this week to 13 years in prison.

The trooper suffered 15 broken bones in the incident, but is back on patrol.

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