Michigan Marine's death sparks hazing scandal

DETROIT – The death of a Marine recruit from Taylor sparked a hazing scandal that has been consuming the corps.

As of Tuesday night, three Marines have been recommended for court-martial as the investigation into what goes on at the famed Parris Island training installation continues, but there could potentially be up to 20 more.

Wheh Raheel Siddiquii left to become a Marine he was thrilled at the prospect, but he wouldn't survive it.

"I don't understand how one day of training could have steered him so much," his mother said.

Officially, the Marine Corps considers Siddiquii's death a suicide, but his family doesn't buy it. Did he jump to his death on Parris Island because he wanted to die or because he was trying to escape an abusive drill instructor?

Siddiquii prepared to enter the corps. He was his class valedictorian, but he would survive on Parris Island for only a week.

"My son was strong," his mother said.

His death at the legendary Marine Corps training facility has sparked an investigation into  hazing at Parris Island.

Multiple commanders have been relieved of their duties, but the announcement of three sergeants is the first legal steps since the probe started. A fourth staff sergeant is facing an inquiry.

None are being charged in connection with his death, but with hazing others.

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