Mother of toddler found wandering in Detroit street reported missing

Nicole Smith has not been seen since her toddler was found alone

DETROIT – New details have emerged in connection to a toddler who was found wandering on a street on Detroit’s west side Monday.

Conrad Green was watching Local 4 News when he recognized the missing as his own grandson.

"It popped up on Channel 4, 'Oh my God, let me go get my grandson," Green said, before picking up the toddler from the police station.

The family of the toddler said that the frightening situation didn’t end there; instead, the situation progressed in a disturbing manner when the family realized that the mother of the child was no where to be found.

Family members said Nicole Smith, the mother of the child, was supposed to come back home to a transitional living home near Chicago and Schaeffer.

But she never showed up.

"Nicole never leaves her son anywhere, she has to take him with her," said Green of his granddaughter.

Smith’s sister, Melanie Hunt, said Smith suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from being the victim of a sexual assault, adding that she also suffers from seizures and needs medication.

"This is not like Nicole, she would never walk away from us, or her children." Hunt said.

The family has since filed a police report and remains desperate for answers.

"We are wondering if someone has her and has done something to her and let Isiah out,” Green said. “It is not like her to leave him at all."