New video released from arrest of Washtenaw County deputy for DUI

Brian Filipiakon remains on unpaid leave

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – A Washtenaw County deputy remains on unpaid leave, but a new police body cam and dashcam video reveal how hard the law enforcement officer tried to get out of an alleged drunken driving arrest.

In November, 911 calls flooded Montmorency County dispatch. Dashcam video captured a pickup truck weaving in and out lanes.

Off-duty Washtenaw County Deputy Brian Filipiak was behind the wheel.

A deputy used much restraint as he tried to get Filipiak to get out of the pickup truck, yet Filipiak refused for more than 10 minutes. He wanted to make a deal.

"Just let me go. I'll go sleep in the bushes," Filipiak said in the video.

It took two deputies and a threat to get him out. Once out of the pickup, Filipiak refused a sobriety test and tried for sympathy.

"I got a lot going on in my life," Filipiak said. "I got a lot more than, I don't know if you do, but I do have a lot going on."

He was pulled into the squad car in handcuffs.