New documentary claims fire sunk Titanic, not iceberg


It's considered common knowledge that an iceberg sunk the legendary RMS Titanic in 1912 - but a new documentary is questioning this.

The new documentary called Titanic: The New Evidence, a theory has emerged blaming a huge fire for the sinking of the massive ship.

An expert believes the fire had been burning for almost three weeks, but was never noticed.

The discovery was made after Senan Molony, a journalist who studied photographs of the ship before it left, spotted 30-feet-long black marks on the ship, near where the iceberg struck it.

"We are looking at the exact area where the iceberg struck, and we appear to have a weakness or damage to the hull in that specific place, before she even left Belfast," he said.

"The official Titanic inquiry branded [the sinking] as an act of God," Molony told The Times. "This isn't a simple story of colliding with an iceberg and sinking. It's a perfect storm of extraordinary factors coming together: fire, ice and criminal negligence."


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