Meeting held at Fraser City Hall over sinkhole concerns

FRASER, Mich. – Those evacuated from their homes because of the massive sinkhole near 15 Mile and Hayes in Fraser were invited to a closed-door meeting at Fraser City Hall Thursday night for an update on the situation.

There is some good news. Nineteen out of 22 families are likely to be back in their homes by next Thursday. However, three of the homes will be condemned. Now it's all about the fix and how to make these homeowners' families whole.

"Since this has started, the city of Fraser officials and the county  officials have been just terrific, and they have been very straightforward," homeowner Robert Hirschmann.

Hirschmann is one of the lucky ones -- he'll be heading home next week. Fraser Mayor Joe Nichols says now it's about making these families whole, whether it's hotel reimbursements or their property values that will take a massive hit. Nichols said he's been getting nothing but cooperation from the county and the state.

He's hopeful Governor Rick Snyder will sign off on designating the situation an emergency which would open up state funds. "What people heard in here tonight is that people are going to help; no one is running away or shying away from it," Nichols told us.

Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel declared a state of emergency today and urged residents to be mindful of water usage because of the problem.

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