White Lake organization provides support for pit bull owners

Michigan Pitbull Education Project aims to help families keep pit bulls

WHITE LAKE, Mich. – The Michigan Pitbull Education Project aims to help families keep their pit bulls in their homes and end breed discrimination.

Terry Hodskins started the nonprofit pit bull rescue in 2013.

"Between the discrimination, the abuse, the breeding, the dog fighting and knowing all of those things and knowing that they're a great dog, I had to go to battle," Hodskins said.

The organization offers a number of services free of charge, including legal defense. They also help fight for families with breed restrictions from their landlords and offer fencing, food, vaccinations, spray and neuter services and temporary housing for pit bulls.

"The American pit bull terrier was the No. 1 family pet in America. We do whatever it takes for the owner to keep their dog, whatever it takes for that dog not to walk through that shelter," Hodskins said.

The organization also helps with pit bulls who have encountered some trouble.

"We always help them, but what route do we take, whether it's a trainer or something else," she said.

They ask a number of questions before giving the help in those situations, though.

"Was it an abused dog?" Hodskins said. "Was it provoked? Was someone coming through your house? There's so many things we have to take into consideration."

The organization has helped hundreds of families keep their pit bulls and has started an outreach in Flint for over 70 chained pit bulls. The organization built new houses and delivered food as well.

Anyone who needs help with a pit bull should text "911 need help with my pit" to 248-931-3442. For more information, click here.

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