Macomb Township mail man accused of dumping mail admits to stealing gifts cards, checks

MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Last month, hundreds of pieces of undelivered mail belonging to residents in Macomb Township were discovered dumped in a Port-A-Potty.

The letters contained everything from checks to holiday cards, personal letters and store coupons.

The mail dumping was believed to be an isolated incident until recently now that the same mail carrier, Shawn Hoover, is being accused of new allegations.

Residents are reeling and confused as to why a mail carrier would go against his duty in such a vile way.

"At that point it is like shake your head. Who does that?" said Mike Morelli, a resident in Macomb Township.

Morelli said he and his neighbors noticed mail was missing and it wasn’t long before they found out why.

"When we found out a postal carrier has been accused, it is like why?" Morelli said.

Postal investigators said they placed $85 in a letter and made sure it was on Hoover’s mail route. 

Once it was discovered that the money was stolen, Hoover was confronted. Police said he immediately admitted to taking the cash along with $250 from the mail and four gift cards.

A warrant was issued to search Hoover’s car where investigators found 688 pieces of mail, 15 gift cards and 99 checks valued at $69,496.

"Ugh, it steals your sense of security. If someone breaks in your home you can defend but how can you defend against this?" Morelli said. "There is a lot of people wondering, 'What did I miss what did I not get?' It's a mess."


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