Mother of man who overdosed wants dealers off the street

DETROIT – A Detroit man is headed to federal prison for life after he intentionally sold lethal heroin and fentanyl for years.

Marie Gerow said she has a text from her son Danny, and it's the last time anyone heard from him.

"For four days he was in the morgue as a John Doe," Marie Gerow said.

Someone dumped Danny's body off 7 Mile and Hayes on Detroit's east side after he overdosed on heroin.

"Sometimes I get comments: 'Well, your son was a drug addict. That comes with the life.' He was addicted to drugs, but he didn't deserve to die," Marie Gerow said.

It's believed Danny's dealer deliberately sold a lethal batch.

"I believe that my son got this heroin, which was cut with such an extreme batch, that this person was saying three people had already died from it," Marie Gerow said.

She said she wants Danny's dealer and other heroin dealers who intentionally sell bad drugs charged.

"I think it's long overdue," she said.

The courts are going after dealers. This week a federal judged sentenced Navarius Westberry to life in prison.
Westberry led a drug trafficking ring from Detroit down I-75 all the way to Kentucky.

For two years the Detroit man and his crew admitted to selling heroin and fentanyl to addicts, causing multiple overdoses, including fatalities.

"This man getting life -- it sends a clear message," Marie Gerow said.

Marie Gerow said for Danny's sake she wants her son's dealer and others locked up.

"What happened to Danny -- this person had prior knowledge how potent it was and bragged about it," Marie Gerow said.

Marie Gerow said someone claiming to have sold Danny the bad batch sent her text messages apologizing.

No arrest has been made in Danny's case.