Detroit man saves elderly mom from fire

DETROIT – Danny Robinson was on his way home from work and pulled up to his parents' house on Mendota to chaos. His father in the driveway, fire busting through a window and his elderly mom who suffers from Alzheimer's inside.

"I just pulled up and my father was a on the side of the house that was on fire, the first thing I thought of was my mother and getting her out of there," he told us.

Robinson didn't wait for firefighters. He busted out a window with his bare hands and a  neighbor helped him get his mom out.  Detroit EMS rolled up as  they were in process of getting her out and whisked her away to the hospital. She's suffering from smoke inhalation but is going to be ok.

Detroit firefighters were there quickly and put the blaze out. Somebody had left a pot on the stove in the kitchen in the basement and it had gone up.

Robinson's hands are pretty cut up but he didn't care. "I'm fine as long as they're out of there".

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