Suspect in custody in triple homicide on Detroit's east side

Three men were found dead by police conducting welfare check request


DETROIT – A suspect is in custody Tuesday in connection with a triple homicide on the city's east side, Detroit police said.

The men were found Saturday after family members called police after not hearing from one of the men.

Police said they believe there were two more people involved.

Police responded to a request for a welfare check at a home on the 18600 block of Sherwood Street on Detroit's east side at 7 a.m.

Delores Chatman and her family rushed to the residence because one of the men killed is her uncle, Paul McBride.

"He was a friendly guy. Nice guy," Chatman said.

Chatman is one of many people who had tried calling McBride since Thursday.

"I hadn't heard from him in, like, two days. We started wondering," Chatman said. "If I call him, he's going to answer his phone."

They stopped by, but couldn't find anything. 

No signs of forced entry were noticed at the time, and officers left the scene.

A second request for a welfare check came around noon, and officers returned to the home.

Police said one of the officers knocked on a window, which startled a dog inside the home. The dog, police said, jumped toward the window and tore down the blinds, which let officers see that there were three bodies inside.

Upon entry, police discovered the bodies of three men, one in his 50s and two in their 30s, dead of apparent gunshot wounds and other physical injuries, police said.

"I'm really wondering why and who would do something like this," Chatman said.

Detroit police said the home had been ransacked, despite no obvious signs of forced entry.

Police said there have not been any reports of criminal activity at the home.

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