Ypsilanti passes 'don't ask' ordinance on immigration status

Ordinance says police shouldn't check immigration status during traffic stops

YPSILANTI, Mich. – Ypsilanti has passed a "don't ask" ordinance, ensuring that if a police officer pulls over a driver, they do not have to check the person's immigration status.

President Donald Trump wants police to check for immigration status, but Ypsilanti officials said they won't agree to that rule.

Immigrants in Ypsilanti said they have fears that under Trump's executive order on immigration, they could have been deported.

Just recently, an undocumented man from Ypsilanti was pulled over and received a speeding ticket. The family said they were worried about showing up to court to pay the fine.

But city officials said they want to make sure law-abiding undocumented people don't fear deportation.

Ypsilanti Mayor Amanda Edmonds said police are now directoed "to 'don't ask' when it's not something that is relevant.

Edmonds and the City Council introduced and passed the "don't ask" ordinance, ensuring that police and other city workers won't ask about immigration status except in criminal or civil matters.

"It's not relevant when someone gets a traffic ticket," Edmonds said.

Trump considers cities like Ypsilanti sanctuary cities and threatens to strip federal funds, but Edmonds believes that's just talk.

"There are a lot of broad threats," Edmonds said. "The devil's in the details, right? And a lot of this is going to be decided in the court."

Some residents did say they support Trump's executive order.

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