Driver crashes into car in Roseville after leading police chase from Warren

Police still searching for man in Roseville

ROSEVILLE, Mich. – Warren police went on a wild ride Tuesday morning while trying to pull over a man who wasn't planning to stop.

The car chase went from surface streets to the freeway and back to the streets before the driver crashed into another car, got out and ran.

"It started with a chase in Warren and ended with a crash here in Roseville at 11 and Gratiot," Roseville police Chief James Berlin said.

A witness was heading into a nearby McDonald's when the gray Ford Fusion slammed into a white Chrysler 300.

"I was getting my wife a McMuffin," the witness said. "All I see is him hit the car, and he jumped out, and that was it. He just ran. He booked."

"The person they were pursing bailed out on foot," Berlin said. "Currently, he's loose in the neighborhoods and our officers are searching for him at this time."

Warren and Roseville police searched door-to-door with K-9s for the man, described as black, short and having small dreadlocks.

"I come running down here to make sure my mom was OK," Dave Miller said. "She lives alone."

Miller heard about what was happening and rushed to his mother's home to make sure everything was fine.

"I checked the garage out and wanted to make sure all her neighbors were safe," Miller said. "It was definitely chaos there for awhile."

Even without an arrest, neighbors didn't seem too worried, and even shrugged off all the commotion.

"Just another day in Roseville," a resident said.

The 2017 Fusion is registered to Ean Holdings LLC in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which owns Enterprise Rental Car.


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