Meeting today could earn 'White Boy Rick' another chance at freedom after 29 years

Rick Wershe has spent last 29 years behind bars

DETROIT – After spending the last 29 years in prison, "White Boy" Rick Wershe faces one of the biggest interviews of his life Tuesday.

Wershe met face to face with the head of the parole board in an opportunity to win a chance at freedom. Local 4 Defender Kevin Dietz spoke with Wershe on Monday over the phone about the possibility of being freed after nearly three decades behind bars. 

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"It would be overwhelming, to say the least, to be able to hug my family and sit down and pray with them and eat dinner and lunch with them," Wershe said.

READCould 'White Boy' Rick Wershe win his freedom tomorrow?

Wershe's attorney, Ralph Musilli, will be at Wershe's side for support. Muscilli said if the meeting goes well, it will lead to a full public hearing of the entire parole board.

"The last time he had a pre-parole interview was in 2009, and he asked me to be his friend, so I drove up to northern Michigan through a blizzard and we had an interview that I thought went very well, only to have no consideration again," Muscilli said. "This time around, I think they are going to give him a parole hearing."

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In the past, Wayne County prosecutors argued against Wershe's release. Now, Kym Worthy said she will not object if the parole board decides to release Wershe.

"If nobody objects to it, they can very well have a very, very cursory public hearing and just grant him his parole," Muscilli said.

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For Wershe, the meeting is the latest twist and turn in his 29-year roller-coaster ride toward freedom. He knows it looks good, but it has looked good before.

"The best words to say is, 'Cautiously optimistic,'" Wershe said. "You hope it's over with after almost 30 years in here."