Warren Mayor Jim Fouts' silence continues since release of controversial audio tapes

Activist hopes to defeat Fouts in next election

WARREN, Mich. – Warren Mayor Jim Fouts hasn't been as easy to contact as he used to be since the release of audiotapes that allegedly reveal Fouts insulting peoples with special needs, women and blacks.

Since the audiotapes were released, Fouts has ducked the media and City Council meetings. Texts, phones calls and person office visits go unanswered.

Local 4's Jason Colthorp couldn't find Fouts, but he found someone else willing to speak up.

Councilman Ron Papndrea said a former Macomb County employee recorded conversations with Fouts, but that the tapes were somehow doctored to produce vulgarities.

But many questions have remained unanswered. On Tuesday, there was no answer at Fouts' house or his office.

"Now that he's been uncovered, he has to go into hiding," activist Elain Ziemke said.

Ziemke is among many residents who think Fouts needs to resign. She's an activist who has put pressure on other elected officials in the past.

"I unseated the mayor, half of City Council in the city of Roseville in 1975," Ziemke said.

Ziemke is organizing a mission to defeat Fouts and any council members who support him in the next election.

"He clearly offended not only me, but he offended who we are as a city, a county, as a state, as a country," Ziemke said.

Many citizens still support Fouts and believe the tapes are fake. Some of those supporters will be at the Warren City Council meeting on Tuesday night. Ziemke said she'll be at the meeting, as well.

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