Racist graffiti, KKK fliers found inside Downtown Detroit apartment building

Racist graffiti found in Detroit for second time in week

DETROIT – For the second time in a week, racist graffiti has been found inside a Detroit building. Residents in the Cadillac Square Apartments in downtown Detroit found spray-painted messages on the walls and fliers taped to apartment doors.

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The fliers were apparently posted by the Ku Klux Klan.

Police don't know who is behind the graffiti, but the messages are about killing black people.

Before noticing the graffiti, resident Meagan Kirk saw recruitment fliers for the KKK lining her neighbors' doors. When she dot to her front door, she saw the spray paint.

"It was like halfway under, and when I came to work, I saw the graffiti sprayed near the elevators and near some residents' doors," Kirk said.

Police believe the graffiti and letters were painted and left in the early-morning hours. The messages target many ethnic groups.

"The N-word, a lot of swastikas were drawn," Kirk said.

Residents have to be buzzed into the building and guests must sign in. That leaves many people wondering how random the incident was.

"It makes me think it's a resident," Kirk said. "Someone who had access to the building who didn't need to be buzzed in. Maybe they were already at home and planned it days in advance."

Management refused to answer any questions, but police were called to the building.

Police "spoke with management," Kirk said. "They did a tour of the building, came by with DPD. They took pictures and statements."

The message is disturbing, and it has many residents saying the person responsible must be a coward.

"Say it to my face," Howard Harrison said. "You're not ashamed to write it. It looks like kids, maybe, that level of intelligence they have."

Cameras are set up inside the lobby, but not on every floor, so management and police officers are looking over the limited video available. Police said the person responsible started on the top floor and worked their way down to the ninth floor until they ran out of spray paint.