Detroit police execute Operation Restore Order to lock up 120 violent criminals

Operation Restore Order created to put violent parole absconders behind bars

DETROIT – Dozens of violent criminals are off the streets after a huge, coordinated effort by the Detroit Police Department.

It's called Operation Restore Order, and on Thursday night, dozens of violent criminals are off the streets of Detroit because of it.

Operation Restore Order was started by Detroit police Chief James Craig to put violent parole absconders back behind bars. That's exactly what the operation accomplished Thursday on the city's east side. The operation is working slowly, but officers said they will continue to make progress Thursday night and Friday.

Detroit police rolled out of the 11th Precinct to round up violent criminals. Just down the street, two sisters who live next door to each other said they look out for their block.

"Where there's crime, there's crime everywhere," Olivia Bowers said.

"We need to get them off the streets," Devron Normand said.

The sisters said they do their part to watch out for people breaking into homes and stealing cars. They're glad the police are rounding up criminals.

"We're watching, (so) look out," Bowers said.

"We try to keep it nice where we live at," Normand said.

Police call the operation "one big party," and 120 people with outstanding warrants are invited.

"There's (breaking and entering incidents), there's home invasions, nonviolent crimes and violent crimes, so we're doing a sweep of all," an officer said.

"It's about a party for us," another officer said. "And the party is letting the citizens know that we are working together alongside of them to ensure that we're bringing harmony to the city of Detroit, that we're ridding it of crime."

Police admitted it's not easy to round up 120 criminals, but they're still working toward the goal.

While they were out on the streets, an officer also helped fix a woman's door and porch that were broken during a break-in.

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