Man beaten, stabbed in Detroit by 2 teens who distracted him with posts about his missing daughter

64-year-old man was driving teens to basketball

DETROIT – A 64-year-old man was beaten, stabbed and carjacked Wednesday evening in Detroit allegedly by two teenagers that he knows.

Neil Richardson said the boys are 15 and 17 years old and that he was trying to help. He said he's known them for about four years. He said he knows the 15-year-old better and has brought him clothes, food and taken him to court.

"It was like I was knocked out, but I wasn't knocked out," Richardson said. "I couldn't be knocked out because I had to move."

Richardson knows the 15-year-old’s mother and was driving the teenagers to meet her at church on the city’s west side so they could play basketball. Instead, the boys allegedly attacked him.

"They said, 'Shoot that N-word,'" Richardson said. "That's what they said. 'Drag him back in the car.'"

He was stabbed several times and the teenagers took his gun.

"All of a sudden, 'Bam,' out of nowhere," Richardson said.

Richardson said the boys distracted him before they attacked. His daughter, Audrianna, has been missing since last month. He said the boys were showing him social media posts related to his daughter when they ambushed him.


"They kept pounding on me," Richardson said. "Because I know how to fight, (I got) out of the car. I couldn't see that well. My glasses were gone."

Richardson was taken to the hospital and is back home.

The teens are still on the run, but Richardson's car was found torched on the city's west side.

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