Battle over transgender bathroom guidelines continues after Trump administration's decision

Trump administration lifts transgender student bathroom protections

DETROIT – President Donald Trump's administration lifted federal guidelines Wednesday that said transgender students should be allowed to use public school bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identity.

Trump's administration refused to back a federal parameter outlining how local public schools should enforce Title IX. Under Title IX, transgender school-age children were allowed to use the bathroom and locker rooms matching their chosen identities, not their born identities.

But now, those guidelines are no longer required.

"If we had gender-neutral bathrooms, we wouldn't be having this conversation anyway," Julisa Abad said.

Abad fights for transgender rights with Fair Michigan. She considers the Trump administration's decision only a slight setback.

"Nothing is wrong with letting the local district decide if we do a proper job of educating people of what it's like to be transgender," Abad said.

Last week, Local 4 introduced viewers to an Ann Arbor family with an 8-year-old transgender child. They joined 800 other families in writing a solidarity letter to Trump. The families were among those hoping the Trump administration would keep the protection intact, but now Abad worries how the decision will hurt acceptance and fair treatment.

"Ultimately, all we want to do is be great like everyone else and use the bathroom," Abad said.

This has been a divisive issue, and Abad said this might be considered a stumbling block. But she said it has brought awareness of the transgender community into the national spotlight.

"We know who our president is," Abad said. "Unfortunately there's several things we're going to have to continue to fight that might be a little harder, but we'll get through it."

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