2 Macomb Township homes robbed while owners were sleeping

Home invasions were at 2 homes in same subdivision

MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Police are investigating a pair of disturbing home invasions in Macomb County that happened while the homeowners were fast asleep inside.

The break-ins happened at the Willow Wood subdivision near 22 Mile and Romeo Plank roads in Macomb Township.

The subdivision is quiet and has plenty of families, but now, people are making sure their doors are locked at night.

"I was so impressed that this whole subdivision was lit up," Rina Deluca said. "Everyone had their lights on. They all had their lights on. They are all being cautious."

Now residents are being even more cautious after an alarming Facebook post on Macomb County Scanner's page. The post said that two homes were broken into Wednesday while the homeowners were asleep.

Some neighbors said they didn't believe it was true, but the Macomb County Sheriff's Office said both home invasions took place and are under investigation.

Steve Trombley's father was victimized in one of the incidents. His father was sound asleep when someone got in and took his $2,000 television.

"(The 911 operator) said, 'Do you think the suspect's inside your house?'" Trombley said. "And she was like, 'I don't think so because I'm up and I kind of looked at a couple things.' And they were like, 'Well, we suggest that you get whoever is inside your house, go in your car and wait for us to get there.'"

The Macomb County Sheriff's Office was back in the subdivision Thursday to take fingerprints.

Investigators said these types of home invasions have been happening around the area.

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