Live wire falls on top of bicyclist after utility pole struck by lighting in Detroit

Bicyclist's condition unknown



A bicyclist was injured Friday when a lightning bolt struck a nearby utility pole, causing a live wire to snap and fall right on top of him on Detroit's west side.

It's unclear what condition the bicyclist is in.

The bicyclist was either on the sidewalk or the street when the live wire snapped and fell on top of him.

The wire has been contained, but it's still smoking on the ground.

Residents who live in the area said they heard the loud thunder, looked out their windows and saw the sparks.

"I heard a loud sound, it was the thunder," Tolese Roby said. "Next thing you know, I guess it hit the wire down there and the wire fell down on the ground and the fire started."

The wire was smoking heavily when Local 4 cameras arrived at the scene, but the smoke has since been controlled by officials.

"I hope the person is OK, whoever it was," Roby said. "It was a loud crash and it was a big fire and it was a lot of electricity."

DTE crews are at the scene trying to secure the area.

The Detroit Public Lighting Authority arrived at the scene to fix the situation.


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