Woman finds inspirational voice after weight loss journey

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SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – Nikki Gio has a smoky, jazz-style voice that when you hear her, you might ask yourself, "Where has she been?"

Gio is releasing a pair of original songs in March, "In our DNA," and "In the Room."

She will make her singing debut April 15 at Dance with Elegance Studios in Ypsilanti.

Gio says she used to walk with her head down, but if she sang, she always looked back up.

Nikki weighed 340 pounds. She says weight and depression was holding her back. As a working mother with a son, she said she knew she had to make big changes.

Gio is going on 10 years working out in the gym and working on her songs.

She's lost more than 100 pounds and counting and she says "shedding layers" has given her confidence to sing, only this time, she's singing out front.

Give Nikki a listen, both to her voice and to her inspiring message.


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