Foul, threatening graffiti found at playground in Warren

Vandals write hateful graffiti, threats to special-needs children

WARREN, Mich. – A Warren playground was vandalized with messages of hate. The vandals used markers to write hateful graffiti and threats to special-needs children all over the playground.

Surveying the damage, Joe and Erica Wilkins are in disbelief by what their neighborhood playground looks like.

"It's sad to know that kids have to come here and see this," Erica Wilkins said.

Someone plastered the foul and threatening graffiti about special-needs children on the playground behind Schofield Elementary in Warren.

"It disturbs me deeply," Erica Wilkins said.

Especially since their children, who have special needs, found the messages while playing.

Besides the graffiti, someone also posted racist and hateful fliers on the equipment.

"To say to kill all special-needs children? Most kids nowadays are diagnosed with ADHD," Erica Wilkins said. "You're saying to wipe out everybody."

The playground has been vandalized before, but this is first time the such hateful language, including the N-word, swastikas and threats to special-needs kids, were used.

If the idea was to scare, the Wilkins' children are just that.

"They're too scared to come outside. They're too scared to go to school," Erica Wilkins said.

It's unclear who's behind the graffiti, but the parents said when the word "kill" is used against anyone, you have to take it serious.

"You don't know what this person or persons are capable of doing," Joe Wilkins said.