2 women arrested in fatal drive-by shooting of Garden City High School student in Detroit

Reginald Rose-Robinson fatally shot on Detroit's west side


DETROIT – Two women were arrested Monday in connection with the fatal shooting of a 17-year-old Garden City High School student in Detroit, police said.

Reginald Rose-Robinson was shot Friday night in the 16600 block of Meyers Street, on Detroit's west side.

Rose-Robinson was walking out of a store with a friend when an SUV pulled up and shots were fired at the two teens, police said.

Officials believe someone made a comment at a woman as Rose-Robinson and his friend walked by, and the woman became upset and targeted the teens.

Rose-Robinson's friend said the woman pulled the gun from the passenger side of the SUV.

"She pulled a 9 mm out of the window. I was right by the car, but she pointed past me and aimed and shot him," the friend said. "He fell. It was thundering real loud. We heard the gunshot. We knew it was a real shot, but we didn't think anybody got hit."

But the teen said when he looked at Rose-Robinson, he realized his friend was hit in the head. Rose-Robinson was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police announced Friday that they were looking for two people in connection to the shooting.

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