Detroit man charged in fraud scheme involving more than 100 iPhones

Mohammed Hosein charged with burglary, retail fraud


LAKE COUNTY, Ill. – A Detroit man was charged Wednesday in connection with a scheme involving more than 100 Apple iPhones that were fraudulently obtained around the United States, authorities said.

Officers in the Lake County Sheriff's Department in Illinois stopped a car on Wednesday driven by Mohammed Hosein, 23, of Detroit. Hosein said he and his passenger, Wen Jie Qin, 21, of San Francisco, had just left an Apple store after exchanging broken iPhones.

The officer was aware of a number of fraudulent purchases at the Deer Park Apple store and investigated the car. Police said they discovered more than 100 iPhones that had been acquired fraudulently.

Hosein is charged with burglary, retail theft and traffic-related offenses.

Qin is charged with burglary and retail theft.

Both men are being held in the Lake County Jail on $50,000 bail and are scheduled to return to court March 27.