Police believe same man responsible for numerous break-ins in Metro Detroit

Security camera footage can show you the anatomy of a home invasion from start to finish.

An 81-year-old woman in Warren now knows this first-hand, as she said she was able to view her home being ransacked by a man who was waiting for her to leave.

The man can be seen waiting in front of the home. When the homeowner leaves, he appears to break-in through the front door.

An alarm goes off, and police and the woman’s daughter arrive at the home, but not before the man is able to get away with the woman’s jewelry, police said.

That man, police said, is Jeffery Stackpool. Police believe he may be responsible for dozens of other home invasions in the area.

Nail salons from Clinton Township, to Roseville, to Warren, have been recently broken into. Homes in the area have also been targeted, and the common factor with all of the break-ins is Stackpool’s rusty pickup truck, which has been caught by numerous security cameras, police said.

"Better to be lucky than good, but if you're good, you increase your chances of being lucky," said deputy commissioner of the Warren Police Department Matthew Nichols.

Stackpool is being held on a $100,000 cash bond.