Macomb County employee finds makeshift noose hanging on her desk

County says no policy was violated

MT CLEMENS, Mich. – A woman who works at the Macomb Juvenile Justice Center said it felt like a threat when she found a makeshift noose on her desk at work.

She said her employer, Macomb County, hasn't done enough to address the racial threat. The case has now gone federal.

"A threat, it felt like a threat to me," the woman said. "It scared me."

She's afraid to reveal her identity because she doesn't want to be labeled a troublemaker at work and in the community.

Last fall, the woman said a makeshift noose was left hanging in her work space in the central control room where she monitors the detainees on television screens.

"I stared at it," she said. "I said, 'It's a little man hanging from a noose.' It was made out of Kleenex and tape."

Human resources looked into the incident and told the woman, "The county was unable to corroborate a violation of county policy, however, an unprofessional exchange did occur."

She asked the Macomb County Sheriff's Office to investigate, and then the county administration asked the Department of Justice to find the person responsible for the act.

"We have zero tolerance," said Mark Deldin, chief deputy county executive. "This needs to be dealt with swiftly."

Months later, eight coworkers have been interviewed. One person admitted to leaving the noose. The county thinks others could have been involved.

"I want justice, and no policies were broken," the woman said.

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