Detroit officer battles rare form of cancer, seeks help from community

DETROIT – Frank Gregory has worked at DPD’s 12th Precinct for years, putting his life on the line every day.

Gregory, who is the father of two girls, now needs support from the community he helped protect as he battles against a very rare form of cancer.

Gregory was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer which was discovered last year after he found a mass on his thigh.

His mother, Frenzela Gregory, says the shock of the diagnosis has been devastating for the family.

“You think when a child comes into the world. You expect them to live their days out and not be struck with anything like this,” his mother said.

Gregory no longer has insurance, so the family is pulling together to help him with the expenses.

His partner of seven years, Kathrine Price, says she’s struggling to watch the man she loves go through so much.

“It is difficult because he's had my back for the last seven years, and it's kind of difficult watching him go through this,” Price said.

The family has started a GoFundMe account in hopes of raising funds that will help ease the burden of fighting the disease.

“He gave 20 years of his life dedicated,” said Sgt. Adam Borkowski. “Now it's our turn to help him out.”

The 12th Precinct is also holding a fundraising cycling event on May 21, you can find more information about the event here.

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