Detroit mother charged after 9-year-old son shoots self with handgun from her purse

Shecolby Green charged with second-degree child abuse


DETROIT – A 29-year-old Detroit woman was charged Thursday in connection with the non-fatal shooting of her 9-year-old son.

Police said the boy was in his mother's room around 10 a.m. March 25 at their home in the 5500 block of the John C. Lodge Service Drive. He found a handgun in his mother's purse and shot himself in the right hand, police said.

"The child was going into the parent's purse, possibly looking for candy, came across the weapon," Detroit police Chief James Craig said.

Craig made it clear that he doesn't consider this an accident.

"I do support law-abiding citizens, Detroiters, to have (concealed pistol licenses), but I've also indicated, in a very strong way, the importance of training," Craig said.

Shecolby Lemay Green called 911, and medical officials took her son to the hospital for treatment. He was listed in critical condition but is expected to recover.

Green is charged with second-degree child abuse and a felony firearms violation. She was arraigned Thursday in Detroit.

A probable-cause conference is scheduled for April 10, and a preliminary examination is scheduled for April 17.

Green is being held on $50,000 bail.

The gun is registered to Green, who has a concealed carry permit.

"You're not a responsible CPL holder if children gain access to your weapon," Craig said.

The chief considered this more than being neglectful. He calls it criminal.

"My position is simple," Craig said. "We will vigorously go after the parent or adult that allows a child to gain possession."