Michigan Senate votes not to send grant money to help with Fraser sinkhole repairs

Senate offers $5 million interest-free loan

FRASER, Mich. – The work on the drain collapse that caused a massive Christmas Eve sinkhole near Hayes and 15 Mile roads in Fraser continues, but there won't be any money from Lansing to help fund the fix.

The State House voted to send a $3 million grant to help with repairs, but the Senate said no grant, instead offering a $5 million interest-free loan.

Macomb Public Works Commissioner Candice Miller said the Senate majority leader is playing games and lacks leadership.

"I'm getting ready to go out and borrow millions of dollars to pay for this work," Miller said. "The State House and the governor's office understand this. They are trying to help. Now Meekhoff decides he wants to loan me $5 million. If I had $5 million to pay him back I wouldn't need the money in the first place."

The drain collapse is in Fraser, but it services 11 Macomb County communities in which residents will be paying for the fix for decades to come.

The price tag could be well over $100,000,000.

"We're going to do what people in Macomb do," Fraser Mayor Joe Nichols said. "We're going to do what people in Fraser do. We're going to lock arms together and get it done. We were hoping Lansing would help, but they have no appetite to do so."

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