New at Comerica Park in 2017: Coney pizza, shawarma nachos

DETROIT – With Opening Day around the corner, Comerica Park unveiled its newest treats for the upcoming Detroit Tigers season.

Some of the new additions include:

  • Coney dog pizza, which looks to be a Little Caesars creation - pizza with hot dogs on it (and mustard?)
  • Mediterranean food: Shawarma nachos, hummus plates and sandwiches. 
  • Hawaiian hot dogs.
  • Cuban sandwiches.
  • New team apparel, collectibles and merchandise.

Initial reaction from our Facebook page:

James Lee Fuller IV: Is that mustard on top? Disgusting. Then they have the nerve to come up with the travesty called "shawarma nachos" I'm not sure how that'll taste.

Mlke Mltchell: I'll stick with the pulled pork nachos and bacon-on-a-stick.

Michelle Ackley: We put hot dogs on pizza all the time.

Detroit Tigers Opening Day is April 7, 2017. Watch the full video tour below or above. 

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