Wild turkey crashes through Clinton Township home

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A family in Clinton Township thought something may have been thrown through their front window when they heard glass breaking early Wednesday morning.

When they went to investigate, however, they came across a scene that they weren’t expecting.

“We heard something explode. I thought it was gas,” said Loay Alkhafaji, who owns the home.

When Alkhafaji walked into his living room, he saw broken glass and blood on the floor.

A large wild turkey had somehow crashed into Alkhafaji's window, and the crash proved to be fatal to the bird.

“When he (the police) said that (it was a turkey) I was shocked, because it's not even Thanksgiving yet,” Alkhafaji said.

Wild turkeys can fly and soar up to 55 mph in short bursts. They often roost in trees at night, but police said this is the first time they’ve received a call such as this.

Alkhafaji said he has a good sense of humor about the situation, but he’s not laughing at the fact that his insurance company isn’t covering the costs of the damage.

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