USA women's hockey wins equality battle

PLYMOUTH, Mich. – After 14 months of fighting with USA Hockey over pay and benefits and threatening to boycott the world championships, the USA women's hockey team won and got everything they asked for. The women demanded a living wage, benefits equal to the male players and more money for female youth hockey development.

They took to the ice Friday night in their world championship game against Canada and won, thrilling all their teenage fans. "They should have the same value as every man out there. Men aren't valued any higher than women," Elena DiMagno said.

DiMagno plays youth hockey and she and many members of her state championship Little Caesar's squad were at Friday night's game. "I'm star-struck. I've been watching these girls since they became the USA Team," Alex George told us.

The USA women shut out Canada and won off the ice as well. Their firm stand on wages and benefits made national headlines and got plenty of support from men as well, like the NHL Player's Association.

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